Narros del Castillo


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Hostel (619 38 48 89)

  • 12 guest capacity. Local space for bigger groups. 
  • Price: 8€ per pax for groups, 10€ individual.

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  • Mudejar Church
  • Con Rollo de Justicia Square
  • Singular Library
  • CICMA (Interpretation Center Mudejar Carpentry of la Moraña)


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  • Medical Center.

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  • Mass

Sunday at 12 PM.

About Narros del Castillo...

Narros del Castillo is located in the Moraña region of Avila. The river Trabancos runs through it. In the Paleolithic there was a human settlement to which we owe several stone tools found on the course of the river as it passes through Narros, which are preserved in the provincial museum of Ávila.

In 1568, when Santa Teresa visited Duruelo, on her way to the foundation of Valladolid, she also passed through Narros.


Two years later, on 30th October, 1570, the presence of Santa Teresa in Narros del Castillo is historically documented (cfr. Efrén de la M. de Dios and O. Steggink, Tiempo y Vida de Santa Teresa). She traveled from Ávila to Salamanca, spent the night and, in this church, she confessed and took communion. The Jesuit Pedro Hernández declared this on 7th September 1610 in the Proceso de Ávila:

–“This witness remembers in particular, that one day when the Holy Mother was on her way to Salamanca or Alba, she arrived at Narros del Castillo, where Father Doctor Medrano was and this witness with him; and the said Holy Mother, well neglected to find them there, on her arrival, went to the Church to pray, where she bumped into this witness, and asked him who was with him, and he told her. And the said Holy Mother sent for him, and called him, who was reconciled with him, and heard mass and took communion with the greatest devotion and holiness”–

(Silverio de Santa Teresa, Processes of beatification and canonisation of Santa Teresa, II, 593).