Download your credential

If you prefer starting the route with the credential in your pocket, download it here: 

It’s the document that identifies pilgrims who make the route by walking, bicycle, horse or carriage. 

This credential doesn’t give you any special rights. The credential has to be stamped along the route so at the end of it, you can ask for the “Andariega”, a document that proves that you have completed the route. 

This can be done in almost all towns: town halls, shops, bars or restaurants. 

You don’t need a stamp in every town. Just 2 or 3 for every stage.

We recommend you to check the guide by towns to obtain updated information about the places where you can get the stamp. 

You can ask for the credential in the Visitor’s Centre in Ávila, or the Tourist Office in Alba de Tormes (plus in almost all towns along the route).

This is the final document, which proves that the pilgrim has completed the route.

To obtain the Andariega, you must show the stamped credential in the Tourist Office in Alba de Tormes or in the Visitor’s Centre in Ávila.