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920 26 00 01 / 658 89 01 55


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  • Las Cogotas Fort and Interpretation Centre
  • Santa Cruz Church
  • Berrocal Hermitage
  • Madre de Dios Hermitage
  • Arco de Conejeros
  • Calvario
  • Calzadilla romana (Roman path)
  • Casa mortuoria
  • El Cahorzo y El  Carpio fountains


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About Cardeñosa

Between Ávila and Gotarrendura, the Teresian Route meets the Camino de Santiago. 5 km away from Cardenosa, a Roman-medieval path crosses the Rominilla stream. This path continues along the Cardeñosa exit to Peñalba and it is known as the Calleja de los Borrachos.

In 1465, Cardeñosa had an important role in the history of Castilla y León. The infant Don Alfonso de Castilla (younger brother of Isabel la Católica) died from a trout poisoning that he ate in an inn located on 16 Calle Carril. The front of the building is preserved nowadays. 

Saint Teresa walked this town on many occasions: On her way to Gotarrendura, when she was a child; In August 1567, to found the second convent of the Order in Medina del Campo; In 1580, on her way to Palencia…


Next to the previously mentioned inn, there were some stone benches where Teresa used to sit down to rest. One of them is preserved as well.

A loyal collaborator of the Saint, Isabel de Santo Domingo (1537-1623), was originally from this town. She met Santa Teresa and became a Discalced Carmelite in San José Convent. Years later, she accompanied Saint Teresa on her trips, she was also prioress in Toledo, Pastrana, Segovia and founder of The Carmelo, in Zaragoza.