Bóveda del Río Almar


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Town Hall  on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, from 10 to 12.

923 56 00 18


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Accommodation for pilgrims opening soon 

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  • Cervantes Bar:

    • Winter (November to April): Open from Friday to Sunday.
    • Summer (May to October):  Open every day.


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Pharmacy and Medical Centre

  • Medical Centre

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  • Mass: Sunday at 12h.

About Bóveda del Río Almar..

Santa Teresa de Jesús passed through Bóveda del Río Almar on two occasions. The first was in 1571, on the trip from Ávila to Salamanca, accompanied by sister Ana de Jesús. The second and more anecdotal in 1573, making the same trip, but this time following the route of the Almar River, on a gloomy night.


Santa Teresa was accompanied by Quiteria, a nun from the Incarnation. Upon reaching Bóveda, the group divided into two, they couldn’t find each other due to the darkness and the Saint decided to walk the streets of the town shouting out for the other part of their travelling group. Santa Teresa and Quiteria persuaded a farmer out of his house and offered him four reals if he showed them the way. They ended up looking for a lodging in an inn that was full of muleteers asleep on the ground. The only way for the Mother and the sisters to spend the night was standing up and waiting for dawn to come.


On August 22, 1586, the body of Santa Teresa, in her transfer from Ávila to Alba, rested in the Mancera Convent where three miracles have been attributed to her. As she passed through Bóveda, farmers ran to see the procession, attracted by the “smell of flowers” that her body gave off, according to tales from the time.