Physical and Mental Preparation for the Teresian Route

botas de montana

Socks and footwear

  • It’s essential to wear a good footwear while you are walking. We recommend you use previously worn hiking boots to avoid the discomfort of wearing them for the first time. 
  • Remember to take some flip-flops or sandals for resting times.
  • Use seamless socks made of cotton to avoid friction nd skin burns. 


  • The backpack will be your companion during the route, so make sure you are only taking the essentials (the weight shouldn’t be more than 10 kg)
  • Go for a quality backpack that adapts to the contour of your back to maintain good body posture.

Warm up and stretching

  • Warming up before the route and stretching after every stage is recommended. 
  • Pay attention to the hardest hit points of your body because of walking (knees, calf muscles, tendons, and feet). Protect them by applying massages or taking painkillers. 

Bicycles and other vehicles

  • If you make the route by bicycle, be careful with the pilgrims on foot.
  • You might have to cross some road sections, so we recommend you to be extra careful in those points. 

Health and food

  • Bring a first-aid kit for basic care: Plasters, sun cream, bandages and scissors.
  • If the need arises, remember you will find a medical centre in almost every town (check the guide to towns
  • Try to eat light and avoid large meals. 
  • Eat foods that contain carbohydrates. 
  • Drink at least 2 litres of water every day. 


  • Call 112 if you have an emergency. 
  • Avoid walking during the night.
  • The towns along the route are very hot in summer. Protect yourself from the sun and avoid hours with higher solar radiation.