Peñalba de Ávila


Where to get a stamp

Your credential can be stamped in:

  • Casa consistorial. Tuesdays from 10 AM – 2 PM

  • Sonia Garcinuño Jimenez – 626 83 92 48

  • Peñalba Bar


For pilgrims

Peñalba de Ávila provides  a municipal hall for pilgrims. 

Municipal hall (Booking required, call Sonia 628 83 92 48)

  • Toilets: Yes.
  • Shower: No.
  • Beds: No.
  • Heating: No.

Food and drinks

Where to eat/ buy food and drinks

  • Peñalba Bar (open at weekends).


Discover what to visit


Pharmacy and Medical Centre

Medical Centre

  • Doctor check-ups: Tuesdays and Thursdays 12h. 
  • Nurse check-ups: Mondays and Fridays 12h. 

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Mass timetables

Sundays 11 or 12 AM, (rotation).

Holidays 11 AM

About Peñalba...

We find in Peñalba de Ávila, the last foothills of the Sierra de Ávila and the first grain fields of La Moraña.

In this flat landscape, which changes as the rhythm of the wheat cycle growth, you will find the Hermitage of the Santísimo Cristo de Santa Teresa, with an image of the Saint kneeling before a Crucifix.


If his Majesty show his love for us by such wonderful works and torments, how can you desire to please him by words only? Do you know what it is to be truly spiritual? It is to be the slaves of God: those who are signed with his mark -which is that of the cross- he may sell over the world for slaves,  as he himself was sold; for as you have already given him your liberty, that of being his slaves will not injure you, rather it will be a great favour for you. (7 The Interior Castle, 4, 8)

You can visit San Vicente Mártir Church, that stands out for its head and bell gable from the 16th century, the horseshoeing frame or the Pigeon loftthat reminds us to Santa Teresa’s comparison when she called “little pigeons” to the convents.