Where to get a stamp

Your credential can be stamped in the Town Hall and Bar Plaza.

Town hall- 920 24 13 01 / 661 74 21 84

Bar Plaza – 920 24 13 21


For pilgrims and private accommodation

The village offers a small house to pilgrims. Services:

  • Toilets: Yes
  • Shower: Yes (located in a different building)
  • Beds: No
  • Heating: No (in case of cold weather, the town hall will try to provide an alternative).

More information – 920 24 13 01 / 661 74 21 84

 -Private Cottage

Food and drinks

Where to eat/ buy food and drinks

Bar and shop in Plaza Mayor.


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Pharmacy and Medical Centre

Medical Center and pharmacy 

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About Papatrigo

It is believed that Teresa passed through this town when she was a child, as her mother had some ties with the land.