Narros de Saldueña


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Your credential can be stamped in the shop.

Town Hall:
920 24 10 61.
605 79 86 37 / 619 13 27 97.


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There’s no accommodation for pilgrims.

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Pharmacy and Medical Centre

  • Medical Center (Open on Tuesdays and Thursdays). 

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About Narros de Saldueña

In Narros de Saldueña you will find the Castle, built between the 14th and 15th centuries.  The castle enclosure includes the Tribute Tower and the watchtower , built with a clear mudejar influence.


The history of this Castle happens parallel to the town’s history, and it’s related to the power relations existing in Narros, since the Valderrábano Family became stronger.

The Castle was built as Rodrigo V’s dwelling. In 1840, a  family from Narros bought it from the Duke of Montellano.

Then, it was sold to D. Estanislao Llopis y Llopis, who restored it in 1963. Nowadays, the castle is a private dwelling very well conserved. .

Apart from the castle, you will find the Church of San Martin Bishop, located in the very north of the town. It is from the 16th century, but the altarpiece structure is from the 18th century, with paintings from 1500.