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Your credential can be stamped in the  Town Hall.

923 37 15 16


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There is no accommodation for pilgrims here.

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  • Church
  • Santa Teresa’s fountain


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  • Medical Centre

  • Pharmacy

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Saturday at 5 PM

Sunday at  11:45 AM (Alternating each 15 days between La Lurda, Garciahernández and Peñarandilla).

About Garcihernández...

On September 20, 1582, this town witnessed the passage of Santa Teresa, already terminally ill, towards Alba de Tormes.


Since 1981, Garcihernández commemorates that day every year, welcoming the “Teresian March”, which recalls that last trip of Teresa, from Medina del Campo to Alba, to seek, the Lord’s hand, giving meaning to her journey, and continuing to give meaning today to that of every Christian.


 Next to the bridge over the river, at the passage of the road that connects Alba with Peñaranda, there is also a fountain in honour of St. Teresa. The elders of the town say that in this place Teresa “lost one of her shoes when she stopped to drink water” on her trip to the Villa Ducal. The residents of the town also often visit Alba, to the Saint’s tomb, for the celebration of their Patron, known as  “Domingo de las mozas”.