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For pilgrims and private accommodation


At the moment, Fontiveros can’t provide accommodation for pilgrims (except for groups). We’re sorry for the inconvenience. For individuals, we recommend you to spend the night in Rivilla de Barajas.

  • Pavilion: available for groups, upon request. Heating and hot water. 
  • Private accommodation (check them here

Food and drinks

Where to eat/ buy food and drinks


Discover what to visit

For guided visits, call the town hall (923 24 50 35) or Ana Velazquez (629 71 63 32 ) 


Pharmacy and Medical Centre

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  • Banks and ATMs.
  • Hardware store.
  • Swimming pool (reduced price for pilgrims).
  • Service area for caravans.

About Fontiveros

Teresa, a great walker, moves through the centuries ahead. A wanderer, sowing the geography of yesterday and today with love. She her own footsteps in these towns that now, as a pilgrim, you travel through.

You are entering Fontiveros, birthplace of Saint John of the Cross, who saw Teresa on its streets.


Saint John of the Cross, and Teresa, from Ávila, met in Medina, where she went to found her second convent of the Discalced. He was 25 years old, and she was 52. Teresa also went there with the idea of ​​the Reform of the Calced Carmelite friars, who in this way would become Discalced.


During Lent of 1569, Teresa went to see her friars in Duruelo, the first foundation of Fray Juan, and spent the night in the convent of the Carmelite mothers in Fontiveros. Surely the visit was more pleasant than usual, knowing she was in the town that saw the birth of her Fray Juan.