El Oso


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Get a stamp for your credential in the Town Hall.

920 26 11 46 / 606 57 32 98



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There’s no accommodation for pilgrims but you can check some cottages here

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About El Oso

Dear pilgrim: Welcome to El Oso. You are now in one of the most stunning Teresian spots.  Teresa also followed this path, on her way to fund convents in Medina del Campo, Valladolid, Palencia and Burgos.


You can observe these Moraña lands are characterised by small villages with cereal-growing grasslands, pine forests and very well conserved riverbanks, that allow the presence of species of different birds and lagoons which make exceptional wetlands, such as the Laguna del Oso.


¨This water of grand blessings and graces, which
our Lord now supplies, makes the virtues thrive much
more, beyond all comparison, than they did in the
previous state of prayer ; for the soul is already
ascending out of its wretched state, and some little knowledge of the blissfulness of glory is communicated to it¨

(S. Teresa de Jesús, Book of her life, chapter XIV, 6).