Collado de Contreras


Where to get a stamp

Your credential can be stamped in Bar Plaza
C/ Carreteros 4.


For pilgrims and private accommodation

The town hall offers a place to sleep in case of need (call 699 22 32 17)

  • Toilets: Yes
  • Shower: No
  • Kitchen: Yes
  • Beds: No
  • Heating: Yes

Food and drinks

Where to eat/ buy food and drinks

  • Bar Plaza

    Shop (open from Monday to Saturday).


Discover what to visit

  • Nuestra Señora de los Dolores Church (XVI century). To visit, call 699 22 32 17.
  • Cuatro Calzadas Hermitage
    (next to the cemetery and the Teresian path).


Pharmacy and Medical Centre

  • Medical Center (call the center from Fontiveros (920 24 50 06). 

More info

Find out more

César Martín (Mayor)
699 22 32 17

About Collado de Contreras

The path invites us to go through the villages we find as we walk the route in this region, where some important characters of our history were born and lived.

The beautiful landscapes found in this diverse province surprise us.


You’ll be crossing the lands of wheat and sunflower lands, a golden region mixed with the greenness from small pines and the reddish bricks of the houses. 

Places dedicated to the land , where autumn floods the horizon with brilliant ocher interrupted, from time to time, by the worn reddish glow of apses and arches, corners and towers.
Regions of old traditions.