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About Alba de Tormes...

The history of Alba de Tormes has been marked by its links with Santa Teresa de Jesús and the Álvarez de Toledo family.


Santa Teresa de Jesús was linked to the Villa through her sister, Juana de Ahumada and her husband, Juan de Ovalle. He was the bursar of the Duke of Alba with whose wife he corresponded and enjoyed a great friendship: Doña María Enríquez de Toledo.

In 1571 he founded the Monasterio de la Anunciación de Nuestra Señora monastery, marking his 8th foundation. He lived in the town on several occasions and died on 4th October, 1582.

After a number of changing circumstances in relation to her burial, Saint Teresa of Jesus rests in the dressing room of the main altarpiece of the church of the Carmelite Convent of Alba de Tormes. This place also houses the Holy Relics of her heart and her left arm.

Later, the support of the people of Alban for the Saint was further confirmed, with her Declaration as Honorary Mayor in 1963.