Code of conduct

Ruta Teresiana de La Cuna al Sepulcro

What's a pilgrim?

In its most classic meaning, the pilgrim is that traveler who, by devotion or by vow, visits a sanctuary or a place considered sacred. In its most general meaning, it is anyone who walks through strange lands.

We welcome all kind of pilgrims, regardless their motivation. 

The only thing we would love to ask you is to be a good pilgrim. 



How to be a good

Respect towns and pilgrims' peace and quiet.

Bear in mind pilgrims have a need for rest and the town’s lifestyle. 

Be grateful

Some of the towns offer local accommodation for free, only for pilgrims.  

Keep everything clean and tidy at the end of your stay (as you would wish to find it). Donations are welcome.

Follow the signposts and make sure you can be seen

Follow the signposts on the route so you won’t get lost. On road sections, try to walk on the left so vehicles can see you. 

Protect the land

Nature belongs to everyone


Don't throw rubbish on the path or in the natural environment

You will find bins in every town. Help us to protect these lands.


Protect fountains and natural springs

Don’t spill liquids or materials that can damage the water or natural environment. 


Be especially careful with fire

If you smoke, keep the butts until you reach a safe place to throw them away. 

"It behooves the pilgrim to never forget the fountain that quenched his thirst, the palm tree that gave him shade and shelter form the heat, and the sweet oasis where his horizon was opened up to hope." Ricardo Palma

Have a great journey!