Where to get a stamp

Your credential can be stamped in the Town Hall

615 65 80 68

920 26 90 38 



For pilgrims and private accommodation


Pilgrim’s hostel  “Entre adobes”

  • 4 pax
  • Bookings not allowed
  • Maximum stay 1 night 
  • Price: voluntary payment

Tourist Hostel “Casa del Maestro”

  • 12 pax
  • Bookings allowed.
  • Price: 15€ per pax and night.
More information: 615 65 80 68 / 920 26 90 38


Discover what to visit

  • Dovecote of Santa Teresa 665 09 09 08
  • Museum of art and ethnography “López Berrón”. Call 671 03 38 03 to visit it. Entry: 2€
  • San Miguel Arcángel Church
  • Astronomical Centre (book your guided visit in advance calling the Town Hall – 615 65 80 68).
  • Forge
  • Shoeing colt

Food and drinks

Where to eat/ buy food and drinks


Pharmacy and Medical Centre

  • Medical Centre

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About Gotarrendura

Saint Teresa had lots of memories and childhood experiences from Gotarrendura. In this town, her parents got married, her sibligins were born and her mother, Beatriz de Ahumada, passed away. 


It survives today as a living and tangible reliquary, the dovecote of Santa Teresa, which she inherited from her maternal grandmother and to which she alludes in some of her letters.

Such was the imprint that this building marked on the life of St. Teresa that her new foundations were called “Palomarcitos”, by association of ideas in memory of the dovecote of her birthplace.


Today there is a statue with a pedestal, which stands on the place where the house stood in the 16th century.

At the entrance of the town we are greeted by two works of sculpture and painting: a dove carved in stone and a mural commemorating the V Centenary of the birth of Teresa de Ahumada.